Print shop

I consider printing, mounting and framing part of the work. Every print is made with a frame and size in mind.

All photos are printed in the studio on fine art paper.
The mounting and framing of the print is also done by me.

And so is everything made by myself, a unique piece of work.

There is a maximum of 10 prints for every photo. Each print is numbered, labeled and signed.

The shop is regulary updated with new work.

Photo from the series ‘’Basque”.
Printed on 100% Cotton white genuine mould-made paper

Size: 41 x 32 cm

Custom made walnut frame


Other prints are also available on request. Feel free to contact me at

The common sizes I provide:
        30 x 24 cm
        55 x 44 cm
        100 x 85 cm
        125 x 100  cm
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