Wet faces


The wet plate has this quality to bring remarkable details of a person’s face to life.

An ongoing project to encapsulate slowness into my life and my photographic practice. It compels me to sit with the person being photographed and give him/her an experience.
The process gives a tangible idea on how capturing light works in photography. The chemical substances and physics create these magical moments.

The studio and dark room figure as a sand box, not as well-thought-out artistic practice.

Installation view at BINNENWERK Expo 2021

The things is see when I am not looking.


Images that get lost outside of the box.
Ungrouped, not contained and uncategorized.
Singles that fit calmly together because they were made without purpose or consideration.



What started out as an ode to his lover, became a body of work about the fear Jan De Wilde experienced in his search to depict tenderness, devotion and desire. His emotional motives weren’t always consistent with reality. Guided by intuition a visual process started in which he did not shy away from confrontation.

To adore the form of a human being, to be delighted in a person as such. That’s what it’s about. Can I come closer and call you my lover? “

Con ella


"Hay una mujer, que domina mi sentido con solo tocar mi piel"



 - 2014

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