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One of my biggest dreams is having a creative space/workshop/studio where I can make images and work on creative projects. 

Maybe oneday I can make this happen. For the meantime this ‘place’ is in my home, spread out in the house and is called Studio Alocasia.
This project functions as a sandbox, a creative playground at home. A place to keep track of design and photography projects. 

Including cross-pollination projects by my wife Ruth and daughter Eva Luna.

My dear sweet nothing

March 2020 - book design

One night we were at my parents place for supper and my mom showed us an old box of family pictures. After dinner I took the box with me, with a vage feeling it could become a little project.

Becoming a father myself made me wonder about my time as a baby. Reflecting and questioning nurture vs nature made me look into my own childhood.

Feels like Twenty-nine

february 2020 - book design

I like to give self-made gifts to people that are special to me. For Sarah’s birthday this time I made a handmade book of photographs I collected of the past year.

There she is

december 2019 - graphic design

Some time ago Ruth was reading next to me in bed. Slowely she stopped reading, looked up and said: “if we have a daughter someday I would like to call her Eva Luna”.

I responded quite dry: “That’s a nice name”.

Not realizing that a while later Ruth would get pregnant and we wouldn’t have to spend time thinking about a name.

The Changing table

December 2020 - furniture design

“You will need a changing table”, they said.
Which automatically, without thinking, raised the IWMIM response in my head.

After some nights thinking how I could make a cabinet in my garage with limited tools, I got started and succeeded.
To be honest, it was quite a hassle to make a cabinet that big in a rather small garage. But I like the result, it’s one of a kind and most importantly Eva Luna really likes it.

IWMIM = I will make it myself

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