My dear sweet nothing

March 2020 - book design

One night we were at my parents place for supper and my mom showed us an old box of family pictures. After dinner I took the box with me, with a vage feeling it could become a little project.

Becoming a father myself made me wonder about my time as a baby. Reflecting and questioning nurture vs nature made me look into my own childhood.

Feels like Twenty-nine

february 2020 - book design

I like to give self-made gifts to people that are special to me. For Sarah’s birthday this time I made a handmade book of photographs I collected of the past year.

There she is

december 2019 - graphic design

Some time ago Ruth was reading next to me in bed. Slowely she stopped reading, looked up and said: “if we have a daughter someday I would like to call her Eva Luna”.

I responded quite dry: “That’s a nice name”.

Not realizing that a while later Ruth would get pregnant and we wouldn’t have to spend time thinking about a name.

The Changing table

December 2020 - furniture design

“You will need a changing table”, they said.
Which automatically, without thinking, raised the IWMIM response in my head.

After some nights thinking how I could make a cabinet in my garage with limited tools, I got started and succeeded.
To be honest, it was quite a hassle to make a cabinet that big in a rather small garage. But I like the result, it’s one of a kind and most importantly Eva Luna really likes it.

IWMIM = I will make it myself

It’s a change but you adapt quite quickly...

ongoing - life

Our live changed a lot the last couple of years. The biggest change undoubtedly was the birth of Eva Luna.

We had no idea she would turn our lives upside down.
No really, it’s a cliché, but having a child rocks your world. You change as a person, you change as a couple, the way you think about your parents change, how you figure things out financially,..., it goes on and on.
At first it’s really rough, but it keeps getting better and better.